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Set and setting can make all the difference in a psychedelic experience. Imagine taking the same dose of the same hallucinogen in two different places but in two different moods.

You would likely have radically different experiences. Perhaps one was an unforgettable and ultimately joyous trip, but the other was filled with nightmarish anxiety and bad vibes.

You may have already experienced the power of set and setting. But the question is, how do set and setting play such an important role when taking psychedelics?

Let us explain what set and setting are, why it’s so important, and how you can prepare for the ultimate psychedelic experience by reading below.

What Is Set and Setting?

Set and setting refer to the internal and external elements that influence your psychedelic trip.

The set is related to your internal state. This can be your personality, preparation/anticipation, intention, mood, fears, and desires.

Setting is anything related to the environment around you during your psychedelic experience. That includes the physical environment, the emotional/social environment, and the cultural environment.

Set and setting was a term coined by the legendary psychologist and psychonaut Timothy Leary. Leary was one of the first to begin seriously studying and testing psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms.

In the early 1960s, Leary and his colleagues developed the concept of set and setting. To them, set and setting were essential to having a positive psychedelic experience.

How Does Set and Setting Affect Psychedelics?

Set and setting is vital because psychedelics amplify how we experience the world. And how do we experience that world? Through a combination of our mind and body.

Since psychedelics work on our mental and physical capacities, it makes sense that set and setting ultimately affect the psychedelic experience.

You’re likely to be at ease if you’re in a familiar, comfortable environment. Yet, if you’re in a busy city, in a club, or somewhere you’re uncomfortable, you’ll likely feel stressed and anxious.

Alternatively, the psychedelic journey may not be a good idea if you’ve been having a rough patch or something significant just happened in your life. Or, if you are feeling confident and comfortable, then you’ll likely have an easy time letting go and sinking into a great trip.

That’s why people have such a wide range of experiences with psychedelics. Some have the time of their lives, while others wish the trip would finally end.

Get Your Setting Right

Getting your environment right is the easier of the two tasks. Finding a suitable physical location shouldn’t be too difficult.

The only thing you need to answer is—where do you feel most comfortable? Is that at home, a friend’s place, or somewhere in nature?

One advantage of the setting is that you can make it just right. You can make your space as safe and as comfortable as you want it.

You can set up a place with just the right music, food, and items to feel entirely at ease. However, the setting is not just about the physical space, as we mentioned earlier.

There’s also the social aspect to consider. Some people often have a difficult trip because of other people around them or the lack thereof.

Many trippers enjoy having one trusted person around, but no more than that. In fact, many people prefer to trip alone without any outside interference.

The last thing to consider with setting is the cultural environment. Although this is less discussed, it’s also important.

Due to the fact that psychedelics are mostly illegal or frowned upon by Western society, that can impact the way you feel around others. This is likely why many people feel incredibly stressed when out in public while on psychedelics.

Working On Your (Mind) Set

The ‘set’ is much more challenging to work on. As we mentioned, your set can be unchangeable, such as personality.

Others, like mood and certain emotional states, shift constantly. Getting your internal state 100% perfect for a trip can be incredibly difficult.

That’s why many experts recommend doing things that you can control.

First, you should never use psychedelics as an escape or to self-medicate. The expectations of trying to make something better can, unfortunately, backfire.

But you can seek out therapy and begin to work on your problems. Once you feel confident enough, you can start to plan your psychedelic journey.

Next, you should set your intentions for the trip. Intentions can help guide you through your journey or be the safe island you return to.

An intention can be something like focusing on discovering what gives you the most joy. Trips can often get out of control, or your mind can wander, but if you remember your intention, it can help bring you back and focus on something.

However, intention shouldn’t be mixed up with expectations. You should never go on a trip with expectations because you’re bound to be disappointed or discover something you didn’t expect.

Lastly, you should try your best to prepare for a trip. Attending therapy, practicing mindfulness, and setting intentions can help you improve your psychedelic experience.

We also recommend taking a few days off of work so you can trip and leave a day to process your journey and get the most out of your experience.

Set and Setting With Magic Mushrooms

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