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Welcome! You’ve come to Canada’s leading shrooms dispensary. Buy microdoses that contain hallucinogenic mushrooms & psilocybe along with other products that contain first-rate psilocybin and psilocin today.

Dried Mushrooms. Microdose Shrooms. Psilocybin Edibles. All the shrooms you buy online in Canada from our psilocybin dispensary are organic, grown indoors within controlled environments, and locally sourced from spores in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about magic mushrooms’ effects and how to safely and securely buy hallucinogenic products from Canada’s leading shroom dispensary.

How to Buy Dried Mushrooms Online in Canada

Did you know that a single dose of magic mushrooms can create lasting personality changes – notably in the area of openness? It’s essential to remember that the quantity of shrooms needed to elicit the effects of a “trip” will vary from person to person. For this reason, many people take a weight-based approach to dosing psychedelic mushrooms.


Want to experience the effects of magic mushrooms in the most traditional way? If so, you might want to buy dried psilocybin mushrooms from our dispensary at competitive prices. Avery’s Albinos. Blue Meanies. Golden Teachers. Shop online with Get Magic Mushrooms to find all the famous strains the world has come to know and love, along with others that might be new to you. Purchasing hallucinogenic mushrooms is as simple as selecting your products, completing the checkout with any major credit or debit card, and waiting as the mushrooms make their way to your door or PO Box.

What is Microdosing Magic Shrooms?

Research on psychedelics started more than 70 years ago but was suppressed by the “war on drugs” and has only recently resurfaced in mainstream science. One of the most significant areas of studies in psychedelic therapy from the last decade or so is the practice of microdosing. Are you familiar with microdosing magic mushrooms? If not, it’s time to learn.


Microdosing magic mushrooms has shown promising benefits in the trials and studies examining this practice to date. As the name implies, microdosing means to take a small amount of shrooms (about one-tenth to one-twentieth of a typical dose) to experience subtle benefits but not elicit hallucinatory effects. Buy microdose psilocybe and psilocybin products securely and safely from our leading magic mushroom dispensary in Canada, where you can find microdose capsules, edibles, and more.

Buy Shrooms Edibles Online At Competitive Prices

How do you take your shrooms? While eating dried magic mushrooms is still prevalent, the hallucinogenic edibles trend is soaring in popularity. Many reasons exist for shrooms edibles dominating the Canadian market. 


For one, the taste of magic mushrooms can be less than appealing for many. Therefore, taking shrooms edibles is ideal. Convenience is another reason magic mushrooms edibles are popular. Instead of throwing pieces out on a digital scale, you can eat a gummy or piece of chocolate (even shaped like a mushroom), and know precisely how much you’ve taken. One last benefit of edibles? Discretion. You can eat candy or drink tea, and no one around you will even realize you are taking psilocybin. What are you waiting for? Buy shrooms edibles online in Canada today.

Have You Bought Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada?

You are here. You are looking at shrooms products online. The question is, have you bought psilocybin online in Canada yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Get Magic Mushrooms makes it fast, safe, and easy to purchase hallucinogenic mushroom products and get them delivered to your front door or PO Box anywhere in Canada. Shop with confidence from our dispensary today.