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Shelf Life of Shrooms: How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Knowing how to store magic mushrooms is just as important as growing them. Psilocybin mushrooms are a difficult product to keep since there is no margin for error. This might be frustrating because they require careful attention to cultivate and are not always readily available. This may force many aficionados to obtain shrooms whenever possible with the intention of conserving them for later usage. There are a few techniques for keeping shrooms to guarantee that they will last until it is time to appreciate all of the psychedelic beauty they have to offer. This article will explain how to store shrooms properly in order to maintain their maximum potency, as well as why appropriate storage is crucial. 

To enhance shelf life, entheogenic mushrooms, like any organic matter, must be completely dried of all moisture. When dried properly, shroom stems should split in half when bent, and caps should crumble under pressure. Once thoroughly dried, how you keep your mushrooms can determine how long they will last (this includes the hallucinogenic effects of the shroom).

Why Does Proper Shroom Storage Matter?

When storing mushrooms, it is critical to use the right storage method to guarantee potency and prevent decomposition. When moisture of any type is reintroduced to the shrooms, or if the shrooms are not properly dried before storing, fungus develops and breaks down very readily. Bad mushrooms are a disappointment. They will not only lose their entheogenic powers, but they can also make you sick, so knowing how to store these palm-sized gems is critical.

Long-Term Storage of Shrooms

Dried magic mushrooms have an average shelf life of 8-12 months when stored in a cold, dark environment. It is crucial to note that the hallucinogenic power of shrooms deteriorates over time, even when properly maintained; therefore, it is always better to eat your shrooms as fresh as possible.

Freezing dried mushrooms without any events that could jeopardise the product’s integrity could retain the mushroom’s integrity indefinitely. Not only does freezing mushrooms prevent mildew and decomposition, but it also protects the mushroom’s psilocybin, which contains the hallucinogenic characteristics sought after when taking magic mushrooms.

Short-Term Storage of Shrooms

Mushrooms do not need to be dried for short-term storage. Try storing shrooms in lemon juice for maximum potency and bioavailability of all their entheogenic qualities. Fill a jug halfway with fresh and undried mushrooms and top with pure lemon juice, thoroughly covering the mushrooms. Keep the jug frozen until ready to use. Allow the jug to thaw before using, shaking it occasionally to blend the ingredients and break down the mushrooms into a smoothy-like pulp. Both psilocybin and psilocin are preserved by the citric acid in lemon juice. Psilocin is generally lost when mushrooms are dried. Because both components are retained, the end result is a significantly stronger substance that must be handled with caution and in modest increments.

Mushroom chocolates are another excellent alternative for storing for up to six months, or until the chocolate expires. Chocolate can be stored in the refrigerator or in a dark, cool spot. To avoid pests getting into the chocolate, it is essential to store it properly. To avoid confusion, make sure your chocolate is appropriately labelled or hidden. 

Try out some great shroom chocolate recipes from our blog page.

The Best Ways to Store Dried Mushrooms

Although any airtight container or jar will keep your mushrooms for up to a year, freezing dried mushrooms may preserve your supply permanently and is by far the best option to store mushrooms for extended periods of time. For freezing, vacuum-sealed bags are the best option.

Mason Jars

The airtight seal of a Mason jar is ideal for storing dried mushrooms. To eliminate the possibility of moisture, a silica pack should be added to each jar. Silica, also known as silicon dioxide (SiO2), is a desiccant that absorbs water vapour and can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture, making it perfect for mushroom storage. Silica packets can help eliminate any residual moisture from the mushrooms and absorb moisture that may enter the jar with each opening. They can be purchased, but you are more likely to find one in a reusable food container or jar in your kitchen. Mason jars containing dried mushrooms should be stored in a dark, cool place, such as a cabinet or closet.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are an excellent method of storage, and the machines are widely available online and at most home improvement stores. The machines are simple to use, and sucking out all the air eliminates many of the complications that can arise with other types of storage. Vacuum-sealed bags should be kept in the freezer. Remember that extracting little amounts of shrooms at a time may make it difficult to reseal the bag, so depending on how much you’re storing, it could be advisable to divide the stash into a few separate vacuum-sealed bags.

How Long Can Shrooms Be Stored For?

If not frozen in a vacuum-seal bag, mushrooms are unlikely to be effective after a year. Shrooms have an endless shelf life if properly sealed and frozen, and have been reported to last four or more years after freezing with no loss of effectiveness.

Nothing is worse than sucking down a handful of mushrooms and expecting a night of fractals and fun only to have nothing happen, so follow our advice and carefully store your shrooms and all the magic they have to offer.

We hope this article proved useful in giving advice on how to properly store your shrooms. It’s important to thoroughly read through all the tips and advice offered in this article, as just one hiccup can result in an entire stash going to waste. We offer a large variety of dried shrooms in our online shrooms dispensary, as well as microdose capsules and shrooms edibles at great prices. If you feel unsure on how to properly handle and store your dried shrooms, perhaps going with edibles or microdose capsules could be a safer way to begin your shroom journey. Have a safe and happy trip!

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