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Have you ever had a genuinely life-changing psychedelic experience? Or, perhaps, you had a strong one that made you feel incredible for a while.

If you’ve experienced either, then it’s likely you had something called a mystical experience.

The mystical experience is the name researchers have given to powerful and positive psychedelic experiences. The thing is, they’re an essential benchmark for many of the positive benefits of psychedelics.

In fact, researchers believe that the mystical experience is necessary for having long-lasting benefits from hallucinogens.

If you’d like to know more about the mystical experience, what it is, and how to have one, then continue reading below.

What Is a Mystical Experience?

The mystical experience is complex and difficult to describe. It can best be described as something similar to a religious experience.

If that sounds far-fetched, then all you need to do is look at the name. The ‘mystical’ part of the name is related to mysticism or the feeling of awe.

Now, what exactly is that awe? It often comes from feeling part of something greater than oneself. This might not be explicitly religious, but it relates to something grand and awe-inspiring.

Basically, the experience comes from such a profound psychedelic trip that it becomes mystical or religious. Although this may sound extreme, the mystical experience is well documented.

What Does a Mystical Experience Feel Like?

The mystical experience can feel different for different people. However, many people think they have felt what it feels like to die and become one with the universe.

That may sound frightening, but it can be extremely beneficial. For example, terminally ill cancer patients feel that the experience of dying has given them reconciliation with death and a new lease on life.

For others, this feeling of oneness can lead to meaningfulness and purpose in life.

However, not all experiences are so profound. Many people are simply able to view themselves or past traumas without emotions.

This can help people overcome negative thinking habits or move past terrible past experiences. The mystical experience generally allows you to view yourself, relationships, and thoughts in an entirely new way.

This complete shift in perspective is sometimes all we need to get our thoughts and actions on a positive path.

How Do You Get a Mystical Experience?

Having a profound psychedelic experience is not exactly an easy task. You can’t expect to pop a few magic mushrooms with some friends and expect your life to change.

Having a mystical experience from psychedelics requires practice and patience. Most of all, it requires the proper set and setting.

The set and setting is the concept of preparing your mindset and physical environment for the most beneficial trip. After all, to get into a mystical experience, you must let go and sink deep into the experience.

That can only happen if the conditions are right. If there are too many distractions or discomfort, then it won’t be easy to have a profound experience.

That’s why many researchers start patients off with days or weeks of psychological support. This support can help prepare the mind for an extreme trip.

Then, the patients are given a dose in an environment made for tripping. Imagine the most comfortable sofa, stimulating music, and caring support.

Last but not least is the dosage itself. Often, patients are given an initial psilocybin dose to help ease them into the trip.

Then, the next dose is typically a medium to high magic mushroom dose. In fact, initial research has shown that the larger the dose, the more meaningful and effective the trip is.

What Are the Benefits of a Mystical Experience?

It seems that the mystical experience carries many of the mental health benefits of magic mushrooms. Below are various studies examining the mystical psilocybin experience and how it affected the patients.

Decreased Depression and Anxiety

For starters, magic mushrooms are shown to decrease negative emotions. That means psilocybin can help the brain break out of negative thinking habits.

However, that only scratches the surface of the benefits of the mystical experience. In one groundbreaking study, researchers found that extreme depression was relieved in at least half of patients.

The thing is, those who had a more meaningful or ‘mystical’ experience benefitted the most.

Decreased Addiction

It’s thought that psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD can reduce dependence on substances like cigarettes and alcohol. In the 50s and 60s, LSD was used in many trials to decrease alcoholism.

In a study in 2015, researchers tried to reduce alcohol dependence with psilocybin from magic mushrooms. The researchers found that all participants reduced their drinking significantly.

Yet, those who stayed away from alcohol were those who had a more intense psychedelic experience. As the researchers wrote, “change in drinking was correlated with the mystical quality of the experience…”

Greater Well-being and Openness

Researchers have also looked at how the mystical experience affects healthy volunteers. They found that a psilocybin mystical experience led to greater well-being after the trip.

Not only that, but researchers also found that people often became more open. This openness made the patients feel more willing to learn and do new things.

The most exciting part of these studies is that these effects were long-lasting, with many participants feeling the positive benefits for at least a year.

Find Your Own Mystical Experience

The best part of the mystical experience is that it can be experienced by us all. All it requires is plenty of preparation in both set and setting.

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