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5 Benefits of Buying Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

We have published countless articles in our blog section outlining all the wondrous health and therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms, so it’s no wonder more and more Canadians are turning to shrooms to help treat anxiety, depression, stress-related mental and physical issues, PTSD, OCD, and so on. There seems to be less demand for pharmaceutical drugs and more demand for natural forms of medicine like herbs, plants, and psychedelics. At the end of the day, people just want to feel good, and not just temporarily but for as long as possible. People want to get to the root of their issues and heal whatever caused them, not just swallow a pill to numb the pain for a short amount of time. Psychedelics like shrooms work with your brain’s wiring in such a way that it opens your mind and consciousness to other perspectives, and more often than not, these shifts in perspective are what heal people and transform their lives for the better. 

Getting your hands on good quality magic mushrooms used to be very tough not too long ago, especially before the internet was invented and widely used. People were afraid to talk about shrooms in public as it was considered taboo, and many feared legal repercussions if caught. This isn’t to say that magic mushrooms are fully legal in Canada now, however a lot of the judgement and harsh legal action has been minimized and shroom culture has become somewhat mainstream across the nation. 

Now, you can walk through downtown Toronto or Vancouver and spot lots of shroom dispensary stores all over the place, and even more than you can count online. You don’t see the police patrolling those areas or shutting down the stores like you did before, and users feel much more free to enter one of those stores and make a purchase now than ever before. And thanks to modern technology like the internet, you don’t even have to leave your home to get shrooms delivered right to your front door. 

Let’s talk about the 5 benefits of buying magic mushrooms online in Canada so you can see if it’s the right option for you.


One of the reasons most people choose to shop online is convenience. With the evolution of technology, most people choose to shop online rather than visit their local store. It’s worth noting that you can quickly and easily select several items that will satisfy your needs with just a few clicks. When ordering things online, be sure you have the necessary devices to complete your order. 

There is no need to spend money on commuting or waste time getting dressed and walking/driving to the store. All the relevant information regarding what you want can be found on most online shroom dispensary websites, and there is almost always customer service and contact information available should any questions arise that need answering or any complaints need to be made. Buying magic mushrooms online will save you time and money, and you can order and receive your favourite magic mushroom from the comfort of your own home.


Purchasing your shrooms online is great because there is always a much larger variety of shrooms in online dispensaries as opposed to in actual stores. Since online dispensaries don’t require physical stores, the owners can stock up on as many different varieties of shrooms as they want from all over the world. You can find varieties from Asia, Australia, South America, etc. 

You Save Money

By purchasing your shrooms online, you actually end up saving quite a bit of money by scoring better deals because suppliers can order directly from the manufacturer. Many times they order in bulk (especially suppliers who are well-known and have been around for a while) so you get better deals. Also, many suppliers will provide discounts for first-time customers and even free shipping sometimes.


Many people have concerns about purchasing shrooms from a store for fear of being seen by friends, family, or coworkers. As much as shroom culture may have evolved, there is still a lot of taboo energy toward it in many parts of the world. While users may require it to treat depression or other related issues, onlookers may not understand this or be open-minded about it, which could create friction. As a result, most people prefer ordering their shrooms online because it’s private and no one can find out. Most online dispensaries like ours provide safe and secure online transactions by using SSL Secure 256 Bit transactions with discreet names on credit card statements for privacy. 

Free Delivery

Most online shroom dispensaries offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount (usually a very reasonable amount). This is great for you because, on top of the convenience of not having to leave your home to order your shrooms, it gets delivered right to your front door free of charge on top of it all. This means you’re not incurring any extra costs by having to get your product from a store. When the weather is harsh in the wintertime or there is a snow storm, you don’t have to worry about going out to get your shrooms- We think this would make anyone happy.

We hope this article outlining the benefits of ordering magic mushrooms online in Canada was beneficial and convinced you to hop on the bandwagon and make your life easier by ordering yours online too. Overall, we agree it’s the most convenient and logical choice, and takes care of your safety and privacy needs. It saves you money and gives you more variety and options. Overall, we agree it’s the most convenient and logical choice and takes care of your safety and privacy needs. It saves you money and gives you more variety and options. If you have not taken shrooms before, you should first read our article that outlines the things you should know in order to be prepared.

We have an amazing variety of dried shrooms from all over the world at great prices, as well as other products like microdosing capsules and shrooms edibles. Feel free to browse our great selection online, and don’t forget to have a safe and happy trip!

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