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What are the Best Shrooms in Canada?

What Types of Magic Mushrooms Grow in Canada & What Psilocybin Can You Buy Online?

British Columbia’s forests are by far the best spot in Canada to look for magic mushrooms. There are three main species of psilocybin shrooms that are natively grown in British Columbia, which are as follows:

Let’s explore these three species of magic mushrooms and their benefits, effects, appearance, and related characteristics in order to serve as a guide for those of you looking to try out these magical fungi. 

Liberty Caps

One of the most well-known and well-liked magic mushroom species in the Pacific Northwest is the Liberty Cap, or Psilocybe semilanceata.

On lawns or pastures, these tiny, slender, and unassuming mushrooms develop among well-established grasses. Although fall is when they are most active, they can also be seen from late summer to winter and, in certain places, even in the spring.

Pay attention to these traits since novices are likely to spot liberty caps everywhere they spot little, brown, bell-capped mushrooms (and consult an expert). 

Distinguishing Characteristics of Liberty Caps:

  • A delicate membrane that comes off the cap easily
  • Purple spores
  • On the stem and around the cap’s edge, there is a very slight blueing reaction.

Age, wetness, and the particular type being viewed can all affect the colour and shape of their caps. Psilocybe semilanceata, however, typically has caps that are slightly translucent, nut-brown, curled in at the margin, sticky when wet, and with a small “bump” at the apex.

Liberty Caps are by far at the top of the list when it comes to potency compared to other magic mushroom varieties. They typically contain 1% psilocybin, while some have been reported to contain as much as 2.37%. As a result of the nearly complete absence of the less stable psilocin in liberty capsules, they have a longer shelf life.

Wavy Caps

These frequently sprout up in newly landscaped areas where soils and mulches have been amended with wood chips;they are particularly fond of alder chips. Disused clearings that have alder trees, broom, and Rubus plants like blackberries and other brambles grown in them may support fairly long-term and stable populations.

Flying Saucers

This species is native to the area surrounding Astoria, Oregon, where it emerges from beach grasses and driftwood in sand dunes near the mouth of the Columbia River. It has been introduced into British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and is easily grown in outdoor chip beds. It is regarded as being quite potent and displays extremely significant blue colouring when injured or aged.

How to Identify Magic Mushrooms

Look for a gilled mushroom that stains blue and has purple-black spores. It’s likely that this mushroom is “magic” (contains psilocybin) and safe to consume. This is a straightforward and secure identification method. However, it will eliminate some psychoactive mushrooms.

Check to see if the mushroom’s stem has a blue tint. Any form of bruise will have this colour, which may be brought on by an interaction between oxygen and psilocybin. This reaction is more likely to happen if the mushroom has been handled by a person, an insect, grass, or even other mushrooms.

As with the majority of mushrooms, the identification of particular species frequently necessitates microscopic examination.

Magic Mushrooms: Poisonous or Deadly Lookalikes

Magic mushrooms can grow close enough to touch their deadly imitators. As a result, magic mushrooms should not be identified by patch but rather individually.

Some typical deadly poisonous mushrooms that resemble magic mushrooms are:

  • Species of the Galerina genus that include autumnalis, marginata, and venenata
  • Pholiotina Filaris (also known as Pholiotina rugosa or Colophyllum filaris)

Here are some precautions to take in order to avoid eating these lethal mushrooms:

  • Match EVERY distinguishing trait, such as the spore print and bruise, of the target species.
  • Identify each mushroom separately.
  • Separate and label the specimens.
  • Pick the mushroom in its entirety and make a note of its habitat (plants and substrate).
  • Take pictures.

Buy Shrooms Online in Canada With Confidence

We at Get Magic Mushrooms strongly recommend that you do not ingest any mushrooms you find in the wild as your health may be at risk if they do not happen to be psilocybin shrooms. It can even result in death in some cases, so It’s always best to consult a professional regarding this, or simply purchase your shrooms online from a reliable online dispensary so you know you are getting safe and quality products. Have a safe and happy trip!

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