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Oregon has a rich history of implementing progressive drug policies. The state recently became the first in the US to decriminalize possession of all drugs, including meth and heroin. However, another recent legislative victory against the decades-long war on drugs has locals and entrepreneurs asking themselves, “are mushrooms legal in Oregon?”

We’ll take a deep dive into this complex legal question addressing the recently passed Measure 109 and how other drug policies affect the status of psilocybin in Oregon. In addition, we recently visited a retail store selling magic mushrooms in Portland.

Are Mushrooms Legal in Oregon – Measure 109

In 2020, voters of Oregon passed Measure 109 by a margin of 55.75%. The measure established a program for administering psilocybin products to adults 21 years and older. Activists from the Oregon Psilocybin Society are responsible for spreading awareness about the medicinal properties of magic mushrooms and getting the measure on the ballot.

What’s in the Ballot Measure?

The new Oregon legislation allows for licensed psilocybin service centers. Here’s a breakdown of everything in the measure you need to know:

  • Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will regulate the manufacturing, delivery, purchase, and consumption of psilocybin.
  • Adults 21 and over can “purchase, possess, consume, and experience the effects of psilocybin only at a licensed psilocybin service center during a psilocybin administration session with a licensed psilocybin service facilitator.”
  • OHA will issue, renew, and revoke licenses.
  • An Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board is established to make recommendations.
  • A 2-year development period is set for the OHA to develop the program.
  • Psilocybin products must be tested at a licensed lab and packaged and labeled in compliance with OHA specifications.
  • The sale and transfer of psilocybin products must be documented in a state tracking system.
  • 15% sales tax is established on all psilocybin products.
  • Allows cities and counties to place referendums on local ballots to prohibit psilocybin manufacturers or service centers within their jurisdiction.

So, are Mushrooms Legal Now?

During the psilocybin program’s development period from November 2020 to December 2022, the laws regarding psilocybin do not change. Magic mushrooms are still considered a Schedule I drug. While all illicit drugs have been decriminalized in Oregon since the passing of Measure 110 (a separate bill), the law doesn’t legalize psilocybin.

Manufacturing, distributing, and possessing magic mushrooms are still illegal in Oregon. However, possession of fewer than 12 grams of psilocybin results in a class E violation subject to a $100 fine or completed health assessment.

When Does Measure 109 Go into Effect?

Beginning January 2023, the psilocybin program established by Measure 109 becomes law, and the OHA can start accepting applications for licenses. The Oregonian reports that centers will likely open in 2023 but not until the end of the year.

So, unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer to “are mushrooms legal in Oregon.” While they are decriminalized to possess, it isn’t legal to consume psilocybin without the supervision of a licensed facility regulated by the OHA. The wait continues to use magic mushrooms legally in Oregon, but a safe,

Retail Store Front Selling Psilocybin Mushrooms Opens in Portland

Measure 109 is very clear. The law is well written and explicit in what types of psilocybin consumption is legal and illegal. However, this didn’t stop a group of entrepreneurs from opening up a “health and wellness center” called the Shroom House in the heart of downtown Portland.

While we agree that magic mushrooms should be available to adults for medical and recreational purposes, we don’t recommend operating outside the law regarding selling Schedule I drugs in the United States. That being said, one of our correspondents in Portland couldn’t help themselves from visiting the infamous Shroom House.

Our Experience at the Shroom House

Once the word got out that there was a shop selling magic mushrooms openly on Burnside, flocks of Oregonians rushed to the “health and wellness center.” The Shroom House opened in October 2022 but received no news coverage until late November. After the story broke, every local news outlet reported on the storefront, eventually earning the Shroom House nationwide coverage.

The Line

After the news broke, lines wrapped around the corner of Burnside and NW 15th Avenue. The wait in line lasted over 5 hours. Patrons waited outside patiently without any communication from the staff.

Thankfully they were greeted by a man (not affiliated with the business in any way) calling himself “Shroomsaclaus.” He was dressed in a full Santa Claus outfit with mushroom antlers answering questions, attempting to get people to play “straindeer games,” and give him donations.

More opportunistic individuals were also attracted to a line of dozens of people looking to buy magic mushrooms. On multiple occasions, local entrepreneurs surveyed the line looking to undercut the Shroom House’s inflated prices.

Inside the Shroom House

After surviving the line, patrons were asked to fill out forms detailing the medicinal reasons they were visiting the facility and provide two forms of ID. Occasionally, one of the three employees visibly working at the store would communicate updates on the menu and offer medical information on psilocybin.

The Products

The Shroom House offered 4-5 different strains, chocolates, micro-dosing blends, psychedelic water, gummies, and various non-magic mushroom products. Our correspondent picked up an eighth of Hillbilly, an eighth of Tatted Ape, and a quarter of Ecuador cubensis for around $200.

The Future of Magic Mushrooms in Oregon

In bad news regarding the access to magic mushrooms in Oregon, nearly 70% of the state voted to restrict psilocybin centers in the recent election.

Oregonians looking to take mushrooms legally will have to wait until the regulated, supervised psilocybin program begins in 2023. But if you are in Canada, you can buy them online from Get Magic Mushrooms, the best place to order 100% licensed, professionally grown psilocybin products.

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