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Tripping has never been easier or more fun than with Get Magic Mushrooms psilocybin edibles. We have edibles for all tastes and occasions. Want to start a productive morning with a microdosed psilocybin green tea? Want to enjoy life like a kid again with some colourful, fruity gummies? No matter what you were looking for, we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection of edible magic mushroom products today to find the ideal psilocybin edible for you.

What Are Shroom Edibles?

First, shrooms is short for mushrooms, specifically magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms represent just a small fraction of the wealth of mushroom varieties of the world. What sets these mushrooms apart are the psychedelic effects caused by their main chemical component: psilocybin. Now let’s delve into the edible part of shroom edibles.


Magic mushrooms are all edible in the sense that they can be eaten. So, what do we mean when we talk about psilocybin edibles? Edibles are different foods or beverages that have been made with psilocybin. Usually, psilocybin concentrate or powder is mixed with something that people more regularly eat or drink – and of course enjoy – such as tea or candy. The goal is to mask the earthy and somewhat bitter taste of the mushrooms and often bypass the texture completely. Of course, edibles are also simply fun! They come in all different shapes, colours, and flavours. Let’s be honest: I know you were looking for an excuse to eat colourful gummies again! It’s OK; we won’t tell. In fact, both our billing and packaging is very discreet, so no one will know that you are ordering psilocybin products – or gummies for that matter – unless you want them to. 

Which Are the Advantages of Buying Psilocybin Edibles?

Of all psilocybin presentations, psilocybin edibles probably gather the greatest number of advantages. One advantage of psilocybin edibles is that they come clearly and precisely dosed. This way you won’t accidentally take too much or, on the other hand, too little to cause the desired effect. The fact that the serving size and concentration of psilocybin is clearly labelled on a package of edibles also simplifies our lives since we don’t have to take out our kitchen scale to measure the exact amount of psilocybin mushrooms that we want to take. Buying psilocybin edibles is the equivalent of buying a ready-to-serve cake instead of baking a cake from scratch. Neither option is better than the other, but there is certainly a time and a place for each, and in most people’s busy schedules there isn’t time to bake cakes, aka prepare their own shroom doses, very often. Additionally, edibles are fun! Have I said that already? I guess it can’t be emphasized enough. They come in many colours and shapes and taste great! What’s not to like?

Psilocybin Edibles: The Options Are Endless

Drink Edibles

One type of edibles is beverages. Psilocybin beverages come sweetened, like a drink mix, or unsweetened, like a psilocybin green tea. They can be consumed hot or cold depending on the weather and each person’s preference. Drink mixes come in many fruity flavours. Teas can be flavoured or plain, allowing each person to customize his or her own beverage. There’s even psilocybin-infused hot cocoa!

Eat Edibles

Psilocybin edibles typically fall into the dessert category. Gummies are probably the most well-known and popular form of edibles. These edibles come in all different colours, shapes, and flavours, including both sweet and sour varieties. Psilocybin chocolates are another popular choice. You can choose simple milk or dark chocolate, or chocolate mixed with nuts, salted caramel, and a wide range of other ingredients.

Stacking and Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Edibles

Speaking of chocolates with psilocybin brings us to another interesting psilocybin practice: stacking. Stacking is consuming psilocybin mushrooms along with non-psychedelic substances, such as chocolate, niacin, or Lion’s Mane mushrooms, in order to enhance the benefits of psilocybin. Although consuming psilocybin with Lion’s Mane mushrooms or niacin is a recent practice, consuming magic mushrooms with cacao has long been a custom of the Aztecs. They called it “cacahua-xochitl”, which literally means chocolate-mushroom.


To the long list of options we have with psilocybin edibles, we can also add microdosing edibles. Microdosing is the practice of taking a small dose of psilocybin mushrooms to obtain the benefits of psilocybin without the hallucinogenic effects. Psilocybin edibles, such as teas and gummies, include microdosed options with only 250-400 mg. Other psilocybin edibles, including teas and gummies as well, can have ten times higher concentrations of psilocybin. Your choice of edibles of course depends on the desired effect; the former will give you greater focus, clarity, and creativity while you go about your day, whereas the latter will take you on a full-blown psychedelic trip. Which are you in the mood for today?